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Heather Curlee

"I help ambitious women leave their 9-5 and turn their passion and purpose into a profitable business.  -Heather

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  I help ambitious women leave their 9-5 and turn their passion and purpose into a profitable business.  


The women I work with come to me when they are ready to leave corporate and use their skills and talents to be their own boss. They often have a dream or a side hustle that they are ready to bring to life.  


Throughout my career I have owned successful business, worked in high ticket sales, made great money, and been flat broke.  After losing the multi million dollar business I helped (my now ex-husband) build, I was literally starting all over.  He took my name off our bank accounts and left me with nothing.  No house, no car, no money for an attorney. Nothing. After floating from one job I hated to the next, I decided I had had enough. 


I was tired of someone else determining my income, the hours I worked, and who I served.  I was tired of being away from my family, not getting to travel when I wanted, and not having the freedom to live my life.  


I knew one thing.  How to grow businesses.  I scraped together money for a business coach. I did not have the money.  I skipped a car payment and sold clothes and jewelry to invest in a coach.  No matter what, I was going to move forward.  


I have been working as a coach now for 2 1/12 years and my mission is to empower women to live the life they want.  


With COVID-19 shutting down businesses, more women than ever are coming to me for coaching.  They are realizing that in the blink of an eye, their income can be shut off completely.  They have the time now to build on their dreams and are taking ACTION to get  there.  


It is always my goal to show these women how they can earn 5 figures a month doing what they were born to do.  The only thing holding them back is FEAR.  Not the money, not the time, but FEAR.  Self doubt is the killer of dreams, and a lot of these women just need to be shown the process that can get them where they want to be. I was scared too, when I announced I was going to start my business as a Business Coach, but it has changed my life in every way.  Of course, there are hard days, but the good outweighs the bad by a mile.  


If you are thinking of starting a business, do it!  Even if it is baby steps, go for it and go all the way.  Someone out there is looking for your exact set of skills and talents and need you to show up.  

Heather Curlee



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